Stella Gs – The Corner Gem

Sitting on the corner of Main Street in Hackettstown is a cute little breakfast and lunch spot called Stella Gs.
After hiking at Schooley’s Mountain in Washington Township in October, a friend and I drove to Stella Gs to refuel. When you are seated at a table you will find a listing of scones being offered. The locals love not only the regular menu but the homemade delicious scones the restaurant makes onsite.
After perusing the menu, I decided to order the goat cheese omlette which was stuffed with spinach, tomato, and mushrooms. Instead of home fries, I ordered a side salad and had multigrain toast. This was extremely tasty. You can taste a slight creamy tartness from the goat cheese. I liked it paired with the spinach and mushrooms. It was a large portion. I ate half and took the other half home.

My friend ordered the standard morning platter: two eggs, roesti potatoes, turkey links, and rye toast.My friend enjoyed his dish as well. The potatoes were homemade and he said the turkey links were appetizing.

Before leaving we each ordered the bobbing for apples scone. It was a spiced apple scone with a side of cider reduction.The total came to $32.49.

That night I warmed my scone and the cider reduction. Phenomenal omg.

The cider reduction was not too sweet and made the scone even tastier than it was alone. I highly recommend warming up the scone and the reduction (if you order a scone that comes with a reduction).

We ate indoors as the few tables they had for outdoor dining were occupied. We wore our masks when we were seated until our food came and in between sipping our coffee and tea. Tables were not on top of each other.

It’s such a cute little gem. Check it out.

Stella Gs is located on the corner at
186 Main Street
Hackettstown, NJ


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