Clean Eats Meal Delivery – Another Good Option

A few months ago I decided to try another healthy food delivery service called Clean Eats. I happened to be at the tail end of my paycheck and had to do a food shop. A colleague suggested trying Clean Eats. After I did some due diligence, I found Clean Eats gives a first time customer a discount. Perfect.

I looked at the menu and decided on the following five meals: Avocado Salsa Turkey Burger, Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Chili, Steak with sweet potato mash and green beans, Tomato & Feta Egg White Scramble, and Turkey Meatloaf. With the discount, I paid way less than I would have at the grocery store.

I set up my delivery for a Sunday. When the meals arrived, they were boxed up.

What I really liked about this was it was ice packed and also had temp guard packing. There was no extra charge to keep the food cool. It’s a standard thing that they do with delivery

When I unpacked the meals, they all had the below motivational words.

Another nice feature is the meals are vacuumed sealed which you can see below.

The first meal I tried was the low carb Buffalo chicken chili. It came with cauliflower rice and broccoli.

This was delicious. Extremely flavorful. Not too spicy. The chili was my favorite out of everything I ordered. The cauliflower rice had a hint of a garlic taste.

The next entree I tried was turkey meatloaf. It came with a creamy cheesy parmesean cauliflower mash and sautéed Brussels sprouts. The turkey meatloaf was also a good choice. While it was tasty, my favorite meatloaf comes from Wycoff Prime Meats in Wycoff New Jersey. I loved the sprouts and the cheesy parmesean cauliflower mash.

The avocado salsa turkey burger was a close second for being my number one choice. It had cheese, red onion and jalapeños. Sweet potato fries came with it as a side. I really liked this burger!

I ordered one breakfast option. The tomato & feta egg white scramble came with cubed sweet potato home fries. Breakfast is my favorite meal more on weekends than weekdays. This was a nice treat and nothing I’ve ever made for myself.

The last meal I tried was the steak with the green beans and sweet potato mash. I enjoyed the steak. Whatever marinade the steak was made in was flavorful. You would think that the meat may have a tough texture. It didn’t. It wasn’t exceptionally tender but it was really easy to chew. I enjoyed the sides in this dish.

If you are trying to eat healthy, I also recommend Clean Eats. This is the second meal delivery service I’ve tried. I’ve also tried Eat Clean Bro. I hold both these companies in high reguard. Clean Eats is based in Secaucus NJ. They used to have a spot in Haledon, NJ but they grew too large to stay there.

Check them out online at

256a Secaucus Road

Secaucus NJ


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