Dottie & Audrey’s is the Perfect Place to Stop After a Hike at Harriman

Happy New Year! Health & happiness in 2022!

Looking to refuel after a hike at Harriman State Park in Sloatsburg NY? Head on to NY-17 and drop into Dottie & Audrey’s in Tuxedo Park, NY. You will find this cute little place inside a strip mall where all their food is homemade.

There is a tribute on their website to two women named Dottie and Audrey. The opening paragraph states:

“Dottie & Audrey were special women who loved family, friends, and great food served around a big table with loads of coffee and frequent belly laughs.”

The establishment is environmentally friendly. No plastic bags or styrofoam are used. The food is good too! When you first walk in they have a bunch of pastries for sale which looked fantastic. My friend and I walked up to the counter and were greeted by a very friendly staff member. She handed us a menu and explained we order at the register, pay, take a table holder and go sit down. The total for everything came to a little over $27.00.

While all types of meals are available (the menu can be viewed on their website), we both ordered the Tuxedo breakfast which came with two eggs any style, bacon, greens, and a small slice of fresh healthy bread.

The dish was colorfully presented. We both liked how the breakfast came with a green salad. Nice and healthy. You dont see this at too many places.

My friend ordered a vanilla latte and I was happy to learn I could order a vanilla coffee. They made it exactly how I liked it – no sugar and very light with cream. While the vanilla latte was just a standard latte, my friend liked that it came in a large cup.

The food and coffee was so delicious and fresh. It was a healthy replenishment after a hard hike. I left not even a crumb on my plate. The only slightly disappointing thing for me is I wish the bacon was made extra crispy. I love extra crispy bacon. I ate it the way it came and still enjoyed every bite as did my friend.

If you’re in the area or looking to try a new spot, check this little gem out.

Dottie & Audrey’s

549 NY-17

Tuxedo, NY

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