New Pub in Haskell is Worth Checking Out!

According to a Celtic knot represents eternity, whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. It has a start point and eventually finish back, which symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected.

The Celtic Knot is a new pub in Haskell,NJ. I wanted to point out its meaning because in some reviews I’ve read people complained about the lack of Irish faire on the menu. My suggestion is don’t be so literal. The owners could be an Irish family that appreciates the holy trinity or the other symbolism stated above. Go for the food not the name. We did.

My best friends and I did a girls night out this past Saturday and wanted to try it out. When we arrived it was more or less open seating. There is not a hostess and the bartenders also assist as waitresses. Kristen and Shirley were behind the bar. Upon seating, Kristen approached us with food menus.

The restaurant does not offer a drink menu but has a full bar. I asked if I could have a red sangria and was accommodated. One friend ordered a margherita, another ordered a Malibu bay breeze and the other decided on a red sangria as well. Check out the nice pour!

I was impressed. When I made a comment about it being a heavy pour and well presented, Kristen stated she wanted to make a sangria for me the way she would want it for herself. Nice!

Normally I live a keto or low carb lifestyle but Saturday night I wanted a cheat night with my girls and went all out. We started with the loaded tots. The tots were covered in bacon and American cheese. Normally I hate American cheese but these were DELICIOUS!

We also ordered the Buffalo baked potato for an appetizer. I’ve never seen anything like this on a menu before. It was a large baked potato sliced covered in popcorn chicken, Buffalo sauce, and cheese sauce. O…M…G πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ Sooo good and not too spicy.

As a entree I was torn between the chipotle bacon burger, French dip, or Duffy’s famous rib eye sandwich. I was told they were out of roast beef so no French dip. Kristen told me the establishment had really good burgers so I ordered the chipotle bacon burger. It consisted of pepper jack cheese, bacon, and chipotle mayo. I also ordered disco fries. It was fantastic. The bacon came nice and crispy. I took off the bread and just scraped the sauce. The fries were crunchy and well done as I asked and the gravy was exceptionally tasty.

One friend ordered a create your own chicken sandwich. The menu gives you an option of type of chicken and toppings. She said it was a standard chicken sandwich but she enjoyed it.

Another friend ordered the Thai chili wrap. The wrap contained grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, and a Thai chili sauce with a side of coleslaw. She too found her entree very good.

My other friend ordered the same burger as I did and the disco fries but asked for a different type of cheese. When her burger arrived it had pepper jack cheese. When she informed Kristen, it was taken care of right away. My friend actually said to just bring her the slice of cheese and said she would pull off the other and put it on. Kristen insisted on taking the dish and making it right. When the plate returned with the correct cheese, my friend said the burger was slightly overcooked now but was delicious otherwise.

The total came to 114.50 for the four of us and we left a 20% tip.

We all said we would definitely go back and try other items. The food was really good and the staff was incredibly nice and accommodating. Football Sunday would be awesome there. I highly recommend checking them out!

The Celtic Knot

72 Haskell Ave

Haskell, NJ

(Next to the Stop & Shop)

No website


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