Final Summer Dining at the Sterling Tavern

Stirling Tavern in Morristown has such a fantastic menu. When you open it up, it has things Ive never seen before like maple bacon popcorn, fried pickles or the dates as a starter. While I didnt try a starter, they certainly caught my eye.

 I ordered the grilled steak sandwich.

Look at that cheese and the inside of this sandwich. I LOVE chimichurri and paired with the avacado, it was heavenly. Salty from the cheese. Spicy from the chimi. The french fries were nicely seasoned and crunchy just like I prefer.

My friend ordered the Tavern Burger

Tavern Burger

Look at that bacon explosion! Perfectly cooked nice and crisp! This had an array of flavors.

For dessert I had a lovely Tres Leche Terrine. I love tres leche anything!

This was their summer desserts but they change with the season.

With it’s sidewalk dining where your furry friends can dine outside as well, I highly recommend checking out this South Street eatery.

150 South Street 

Morristown, NJ
I have been off the map settling in from moving and getting a new rescue dog I adopted adjusted. I’m back so stay tuned for more restaurant shares as well as holiday postings! 


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